7 Tips For Packing Up The Garage Before Moving Day

Of all the areas in your home, packing up the garage might prove to be the most challenging. The garage is often a place to store long-forgotten and hazardous items. Even if you have been diligent in keeping your garage in order, there is still a lot of work to do when it is time to pack up. Here are some tips for packing your garage for the big move. 

  1. Sort the garage. If you have been using your garage to store more than just tools and yard equipment, sorting through the items in your garage can help make packing up the area easier. Place the items you want to keep on one side of the garage and the ones you no longer need on the other. 
  2. Decide if you want to toss or sell the undesirables. Any items that you do not need should be disposed of before you call in the movers for an estimate. If you are selling the unwanted items, you need to have a backup plan for handling any items that are not sold. 
  3. Pack up day one tools. Before you pack the rest of your tools up to move, set aside a set of tools that you will need when you move to the new home. Tools such as your hammer and screwdrivers can be useful for assembling furniture and hanging pictures. 
  4. Wrap rakes and brooms. Instead of attempting to take apart the rakes and brooms to move, simply use bubble wrap and tape to secure them. Before wrapping them, use tape to group them together at the handles.
  5. Prepare tools for packing. Any attachments you have for the tools should be removed and placed in a marked box. If possible, pack the tools in their original packaging. 
  6. Dispose of hazardous materials. Items such as lighter fluid and fuel cannot be moved by your movers for safety reasons. Ask the movers to provide you with a list of hazardous materials you need to dispose of prior to moving day.
  7. Pack nuts and bolts in plastic containers. It is easy to lose track of all of the nuts and bolts that are found in the garage. Use a plastic container with compartments to carry the items to the new home. As an added measure of protection, secure the container with tape before moving it. 

Consult with your mover to find other ways that you can prepare the items in your garage for moving. 

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