How To Best Use A Storage Unit For Storing Your Children’s Old Toys

Renting a storage unit can be so useful for a number of items, varying in size, purpose, and frequency of use. If you have children and a ton of toys laying around at home, you may benefit by renting a storage unit, regardless of how old your children are. Whether you intend on keeping some of these toys for future children or even grandchildren someday or you simply are not ready to let them go for sentimental reasons, you can reduce the mess at home by renting a storage unit (from a local outlet such as Precisely Right Moving).      

Take the Time to Sort Through the Toys

Sorting through items before placing them into storage is an ideal process for practically anything, but it can get more difficult with toys due to the fact that you will want to get your children involved. By sorting through everything and asking for your children to participate, you can get a clear idea of what should be kept at home and what can be placed into storage without any issues arising later.

Discard Anything Damaged or Missing Pieces

When you begin sorting through your children's old toys, it is likely that you will find some items that are damaged with chipped off pieces or faded colors. While some things can be repaired with a bit of TLC, some toys might be better off being thrown away. Anything missing pieces such as old puzzles or building sets should also be thrown away since there is no need to keep them in storage when they are not fully functional any longer.

Clearly Organize and Label All Your Boxes

Along with sorting through all of your children's old toys, you will want to put some effort into organizing to ensure that you can reach everything with ease in the future. This means sorting into piles of board games, stuffed animals, clothing, and other categories. With proper labels for all the toys, it will be a breeze to enter the unit and find what you are looking for later.

Make Climate Control a Priority

While climate control can be a valuable feature in any storage unit, it becomes particularly important when you are going to be storing items of sentimental value. Toys can quickly develop mildew if there is a lot of moisture in the unit and other problems could arise due to the heat or cold, making it important to prioritize climate control.

As you prepare for moving items into your storage unit, you should begin to sort through any toys and make any hard decisions about what to keep and what to discard. With the tips above, it should be easy to move any toys into the unit with confidence.