Professional Moving 101 | A First Time Customer’s Guide To Costs And Charges

The whole idea of packing up everything you own and transporting it to a new home is overwhelming to say the least. It is no big secret that professional movers, like ABS Movers, can make the whole process a lot easier. If an upcoming move is making you tired just considering it, getting in touch with a moving company will definitely take a lot of stress out of the situation. As a first time customer, you may be a little concerned about how you will be charged for the move. Here are a few of the most common questions first-time customers have when it comes to costs associated with professional moving companies. 

What factors will be considered when a moving company gives you an estimate?

When you initially get an estimate from a moving company, you will get a detailed breakdown of the charges associated. While every moving company has its own set of guidelines for how customers will be charged for services, most will calculate the charges according to:

  • How large your home is and how much furniture you have
  • Whether or not you will require help with packing
  • How far the new home is from the home you are currently in
  • How many large furniture pieces you have, such as pianos or wardrobes
  • If you will require packing supplies supplied by the company
  • The number of employees it will take to get you move
  • How many trips are expected with the moving truck

Will your belongings be insured during the move or will you have to pay additional costs?

Moving companies normally carry insurance that will cover any damage to your property that takes place during the move. This is not something that you will typically have to pay for in addition to the estimated bill. However, it is always a good idea to ask the chosen company about the insurance that they carry for your belongings and if this is an optional expense. Additionally, your items may be covered by your homeowner's insurance if you move before the change in address takes effect. 

How  can you save money when hiring a professional moving company?

There are several ways that you can try to trim the costs of your move. Most obvious is to pack your items on your own and use your own moving supplies, such as boxes, crates, and packing material. However, you should also consider moving in the middle of the month to get a lower price. Most moving companies will see an influx of business at the beginning and end of the month, because this is when new leases and rental agreements usually expire and begin. 

Working with a professional moving company to get your items to your new place is the easiest way to take some of the hard work out of moving. Talk to your chosen company about any costs concerns you have in advance.