Heavy Equipment Transport Services

Do you need to relocate earth moving equipment, mining equipment, hazardous materials, or electric power equipment? If yes, you are in need of a heavy hauling service equipped with the highly skilled staff and specialized equipment needed to get the job done on time. The following is a short description of key attributes that any trustworthy heavy hauling service should possess:

Dispatch staff:

A trained dispatch staff will be up to speed on all government regulations. This ensures that any permitting that needs to be done in order to legally transport your heavy equipment or hazardous material is done correctly the first time. Skilled dispatchers should also have all the modern communications equipment needed to accurately track the delivery speed of your equipment. Cell phones, radios, and satellite phones are utilized to keep the drivers and dispatchers in constant communication. This additional point of accountability ensures that drivers stay on task, and customers stay informed. 


The drivers at a heavy equipment hauling company specialize in moving the heaviest loads over long distances, 24 hours a day if necessary. Drivers with years of experience in operating transport equipment are best. Their years of experience enables on time and safe delivery of equipment. Why trust expensive equipment or materials to anyone less experienced, or chance doing it yourself? Leave it to the pros. 


Heavy equipment transport drivers not only need the skills to do the job, but also the right tools for the job. An assortment of tractors, other vehicles, and trailers ranging from convoy pilot vehicles, vans, highboy and lowboy trailers, step decks, and tankers will get your equipment and materials where they need to go safely and efficiently.

Maintenance Services:

Heavy equipment transport companies should also offer a skilled team of certified heavy equipment maintenance inspectors, welders, and mechanics. When you're moving equipment between jobs, taking a day or two to have it inspected in a full service welding and maintenance shop can save you weeks of down time and the added expense of hiring a mechanic or welder to come to your work site. Machinery that is well maintained is more productive and poses a lesser risk of operator injury. 

Picking the right heavy equipment transport company should be a cinch now that you are armed with this information. Be sure to thoroughly interview all potential transport companies before hiring anyone. With the right heavy equipment transport company you'll be back to work at your next job site in no time. 

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