Plan For These Often Unexpected Moving Costs

Moving is a gigantic, expensive pain. And that's only with thinking about packing supplies and hiring movers. When you start adding in other costs, it might be enough to make you go crazy. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent these extra costs to help you keep your sanity.

Utility Fees

Cable, internet, electricity, and water can all be a pain to cancel and get started again. To avoid unnecessary charges for service after you've already moved, check several months in advance to see how much notice you need to give to shut off service.

When you do go to cancel, always get written proof in the form of an email confirmation or printed receipt from the customer service center. Never just call and cancel, because in the event you keep getting billed past your cancellation date, you won't have any way to dispute it.

When you set up new services, you can probably get out of installation fees on cable and internet if you're willing to wait. Simply call to inquire about service, but don't accept an offer that comes with any fees beyond the regular monthly charge. Most companies make special follow up offers to customers that contacted them but didn't sign up.

Bank Charges

You may be moving to an area where your bank doesn't have any locations. At minimum, you'll need to order new checks with your new address.

When you make the switch, make the decision to put an end to bank fees. Find a bank that offers free checking with no application fees or monthly fees. Many banks will also provide you with basic personal checks for free.

If you won't be using your old bank anymore, officially close your accounts instead of just taking out all of your money. Some banks charge a fee for inactive accounts, and many consumers have been surprised when they're sent to collections for an account they stopped using a long time ago.

Car Insurance

A big driving factor in car insurance premiums is where you live, the crime rate, and how many accidents the area has. If you're unlucky enough to be moving somewhere with higher car insurance rates, there's not much you can do except shop around.

Don't skip out on updating your address with the insurance company, though. Most policies will be invalidated if you don't give a correct, current primary address and you could have your claim denied if you're in an accident.

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